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Automated Blinds for Greater Convenience

Tired of manually closing your blinds or wasting time searching for the wireless remote?

Take control of your blinds with an automated blinds solution from Home Automation Melbourne.

Smart Blinds for Your Smart Home

If you’ve been dreaming of the convenience that smart blinds can provide, dream no more with installation of smart motorised blinds from the experts at Home Automation Melbourne. Forget about wireless remotes or having to press a switch on the wall to operate your motorised blinds; with our solutions for smart home window blinds, you can have seamless control through your smart home system or smart phone. As the Diamond Control4 provider in Victoria, we’re capable of installing the latest solutions for automated blinds, curtains and shades.

Why Install Automated Blinds?

If you have a large home, you’ll likely already be aware of the main benefit of installing smart blinds – the time saved being able to control all blinds and curtains in your home at once. If you already have motorised blinds, you can say goodbye to wireless remotes that seem to magically disappear when you need them, or switches on the wall that create ugly ‘wall acne’. With smart home window blinds, you can enjoy simple operation of a single blinds system that’s also integrated with lighting control and other smart home aspects. Automated blinds can even be connected with your security system, allowing them to be set to automatically close when your security system is armed.

To learn more about our solutions for smart home window blinds, get in touch with the team at Home Automation Melbourne today. We’re happy to provide information and advice regarding the best smart blinds solutions for your home.

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