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Enjoy Peace of Mind with a Smart Home Security System
Want to have more control over home security? With a smart home security system, you can ensure superior protection of your family and assets.
Feel More Secure in Your Home

Your home is the one place where you should be able to feel the safest and most relaxed. However, some homes can have multiple levels or large floorplans that result in occupants feeling unsafe. You might also be concerned about leaving your home unattended, whether it’s while you’re at work each day or travelling on holiday. This is where protecting your home with the right home security system can be very useful, helping you to feel safer and more secure in your home.

At Home Automation Melbourne, we’re capable of installing a smart home alarm system equipped with house alarm sensors and even security sirens for outdoor use. You’ll be able to have peace of mind knowing your home is secured with one of the latest home security systems.

How Smart Home Security Can Benefit Your House

With the right smart home security solution, you can monitor and control your smart home alarm straight from your smart phone wherever you may be, providing unrivalled flexibility. A smart house system with zoned security home alarm sensors can detect intruders both while you’re within the house and away. You can even have control over access for service providers such as gardeners and cleaners for a more secure solution.

There are also plenty of other benefits to enjoy. All home security systems for smart homes can be installed alongside other smart systems such as garage alarm systems, outdoor home security cameras for night vision, house alarm window sensors and smoke detectors with remote alarms. This allows you to set your house alarm system to turn on lights automatically when you’re out and close motorised blinds to deter trespassers. These are just a few of the ways a smart home or apartment security system can work for you.

Discuss Your Home Security Needs Today

Whether you’re considering a solar security system, a Wi-Fi home alarm, an outdoor alarm system or smoke detector installation, Home Automation Melbourne can provide you with the latest remote control house alarm systems and other solutions for ultimate peace of mind.

To enquire about a smart home security alarm kit that includes home security motion sensors, discuss your needs with our team today. As the Diamond provider of Control4 in Victoria, we’re able to provide you with the latest house alarm system that comes complete with house sensors, sirens, smart phone monitoring and other useful features.

What Smart Home Security System Is Best For Me?

Smart security is more than just alarms and cameras and not are all the same.

Innovations allow integration of multiple services to come together in a smart way to deliver far more benefits.

Smart security ca be one overarching solution to manage multiple aspects of security, CCTV, gate control, intercom, preventative lighting and much more.

Smart Perimeter & Deterrent:

Often homes are having secure front fences, locked pedestrian gates and driveway gates as the first point of access to a property. An integrated solution can help you take advantage of secure entry points yet respond easily to guest arrival and deliveries. Smart integrated systems solve this giving you one overarching control. From your smartphone or in-home touchscreens, you can now manage intercom calls, remote-release, and any property gate or door; all in conjunction with having your live feed CCTV cameras and security control at your fingertips.

Keyless entry gives you that personal convenience to keep gates and doors locked but achieve local access at any time through secure codepads, swipe devices or finger scans. So, when gardening, or, going for a walk, you have the peace of mind of secure gates and doors but instant access without carrying keys.

Smart cameras alert your phones to detected ‘human motion’ on your property. Perhaps when away on holidays or sleeping hours, schedule human detection alerts to your phone.

When security is integrated with intelligent lighting, you can automatically activate preventative lighting or make the interior look lived in when away.


Smart Interior Security:

For large homes you may benefit from partial alarm arming of the home. Perhaps you have retired to bed, or the family have settled in for watching TV. You can zone arm un-occupied areas of the home for additional peace of mind.

Some properties need service providers to enter part of the home. Managing and monitoring that access is a breeze from your smartphone or home touchscreens even when away.

For energy efficiency, just by arming and leaving, have your security automatically closes your blinds, turn off air-conditioning, all lights, fans, and entertainment.


Integrated Design;

These are just some examples. Developing a personalised design is the next step. We walk you through all the considerations and curate a personalised design for you.

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