C-Bus Home Automation in Melbourne
If you want to upgrade your home to the latest in home comfort and ambience, Home Automation Melbourne can provide you with a responsive C-Bus lighting control system. Our C-Bus Melbourne experts can assist with an automation system that integrates with blinds, security, entertainment and other aspects to transform the functionality and convenience of your home. Backed by years of experience, our certified technicians are capable of designing, wiring and installing C-Bus home automation solutions that work seamlessly to elevate your living environment.
The Benefits of a C-Bus Home Automation System

A C-Bus home automation system provides you with the ability to manage energy output and lighting levels in different zones throughout your home. With C-Bus lighting control, you can save money on your energy bills without any effort. The C-Bus home automation cost is also affordable when you factor in the amount of money you can save over time.

Automated C-Bus lighting control also allows for a greater level of personalisation, including the ability to create a one-touch scene that instantly activates to create the perfect environment for arriving at home, eating a meal, entertaining, watching TV or simply relaxing. You can be welcomed home with lighting that automatically turns on to light your way to your front door, and have peace of mind on holiday knowing your lighting can be turned on remotely to give the illusion that someone’s home.

With its many time and energy saving benefits, it’s no surprise why a C-Bus lighting control system is so highly regarded by homeowners.

Your Smart Cbus Home Automation System

A Cbus smart home enhances your living throughout your entire property.

Imagine arriving home! Just by the fact that you have pressed your gate remote, your personalised cbus home automation has automatically enacted a path of light from the front yard and garage all the way to the kitchen for a greater sense of security entering the home in the dark. Or when away from home, automated night-lighting makes the home look lived in for extra security.

Cbus lighting control enhances comfort and entertaining. From your smart lighting switch, you can effortlessly bring to life adaptive comfort over common areas or the room you are in. Just one touch – the home is beautifully illuminated with ambience from the entry, open plan areas, lounge, formal dining, and outdoor entertaining zones. Perhaps after dinner, with the press of a button, the entire entertaining zone adjusts to a more intimate entertaining feel.

From bedrooms for relaxing, reding and adjusting the blinds, or for hallways and ensuites for automatic late-night lighting pathways; there are so many possibilities for the home to respond organically to you in the moment. Even cinema and TV rooms for lighting and blind control, and TV reveals that transforms your entertaining.

When it comes to outdoors, from the pool and spa, to alfresco areas and terraces, smart adaptive control transforms the way you think about outdoor habitation too.

In essence the Clipsal Smart Home also expands your user interaction with all services you rely upon. Cbus home automation conveniently integrates multiple home systems to make your home more responsive and effortless, all controlled through an elegant range of smart switches and touchscreens:

Clipsal c bus programming is curated for you, allowing you to fully re-imagine all the possibilities for living in your home to maximise convenience, comfort and ambience throughout.

So, when building or renovating, learn how Clipsal C-bus should be in your thinking as the contemporary foundation within your home to elevate the user experience and simplify home control.

For Existing C-Bus Owners

For advice, service and maintenance, Clipsal Cbus programming, or a new enhancements with the latest Clipsal Cbus software, call us!

If your home is fitted with C-Bus home automation and lighting control but you have lost touch with the original installer, cbus software features have evolved that you may like to take advantage of too. That’s where we help.

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Updating the lighting of your home is easy with the efficient home automation solutions provided by Home Automation Melbourne. We make use of the latest lighting control systems manufactured by Clipsal, ensuring C-Bus Melbourne lighting control solutions that are second to none.

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