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Home Lighting Automation for Whole Home Management
If you’ve been looking to improve the comfort and ambience of your home, smart home lighting can make it happen. As the Diamond providers of Control4 in Victoria, Home Automation Melbourne can deliver a complete solution for home lighting automation that enables you to manage the lighting of your whole home. From creating mood lighting to saving energy by turning off all lights when you leave the house, find out how intelligent lighting can benefit you.
Why Use Smart Home Lighting?
In addition to being used as a way of complementing architectural features, lighting can also add to the ambiance of your home as well as enhancing the sense of proportion and space. With smart home lighting that you can control at the touch of a button, you’re able to set the tone of any room to suit the time of day. You can even have options for one-touch scenes, where an open plan living area can automatically have its lighting adjusted for cooking, dining, watching TV or entertaining guests. You’ll also be able to enjoy automatic light dimming at night, as well as coloured lighting that can be adjusted to suit your current mood.
Intelligent Lighting that’s Highly Functional

Home lighting automation can work through the push of a button, activation by a smart sensor, or as a scheduled event. It’s particularly functional for larger homes, enabling you to control all rooms from a central point or from your smart phone. Smart home lighting can additionally be integrated with your security system, meaning you can set all outdoor lights to come on automatically if an intruder is detected.

If you want to make your home more functional with home lighting automation, contact the experts at Home Automation Melbourne today. We can offer you a wide range of options when it comes to intelligent lighting, including solutions from Control4, C-Bus, KNX, Philips Dynalite and Legrand.

Intelligent Lighting For The Home - What’s Best For You?

Often people ask “what is the best home automation lighting control system?“ There are many facets to this question. At a minimum, you can expect intelligent lighting will not only provide that pure convenience when entering a room to adapt the comfort, luminance, and ambience, but there are far more benefits you should take advantage of.

Many homes have security or controlled gates. So having your smart light switch control those too can extend convenience in new ways. Perhaps releasing a pedestrian gate while standing at the front door or opening the driveway gate from within the garage on bin night.

Perhaps you’re looking to your smart lighting to give you an extra layer of security with automatic lighting activated when your security alarm is triggered, arriving in the dark, or if the security is armed making the home look lived in when away.

Intelligent lighting is often integrated with a range of services for more benefits and understanding those can really make a difference in choosing what’s best for you.

If you have motorised blinds, sweep fans or heated towel rails, having that conveniently controlled through your smart light switch makes a lot of sense. Often when hearing about smart lighting control, you may not fully realise some smart light switches can do so much more in the one switch than others.

A bespoke home design with multiple services will not only be looking for more out of the lighting experience throughout, but also a convenient way to manage the entire property holistically with ease. Often most homes with lighting control have centralised touchscreen control for simple ‘one-touch’ scenes for wider open plan and outdoor areas for entertaining, arriving home, late night dimming or turning off the home easily when retiring to bed. These touchscreens then also provide overarching control for intercom, CCTV viewing, security, all air-conditioning zones, motorised blinds, multiroom audio and entertainment. So, the question of which lighting control system is best for you usually is resolved through curation of a functional brief in partnership with a professional Home Automation Design and Installation company that walks you through the home holistically in alignment with your aspirations for living in the home. That’s where we excel and help you deliver a more personalised home to live in.


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