Home Automation – Solar Panels and Battery Storage

Let’s take a wander into new territory. We’re going to be discussing key items such as solar panels, and battery storage, and how these relate to smart homes and The Internet of Things. First of all, let’s define each of these terms.

Solar panels – Most people know a little bit about these. Solar panels can cut your energy bills by making use of a natural source of energy – the sun.

Battery storage – This is when you store energy that has been captured by your solar panels for later use, such as when the sun isn’t out.

Smart homes – These homes offer automation options to make your life easier. Think of things like turning lights on and off, pulling blinds up and down, and monitoring who comes into your home. Smart homes are all about convenience, as all these things and more can be operated remotely from your mobile phone.

The Internet of Things – Broadly, all this means is that you have appliances operated and connected together via the internet.

In a smart home, all these elements – solar panels, battery storage and The Internet of Things – work together to promote the highest levels of energy efficiency and convenience.

Getting Solar Panels & Battery Storage to Talk with the Rest of the House

There is no doubt of the benefits of having a smart home that interacts with your solar panel and battery storage system. But how do you set that up properly? You need the right infrastructure for it to work seamlessl

At Home Automation Melbourne, we believe we’ve found the answer by drawing on our extensive product knowledge to find a solution. In fact, we have so much confidence in our solutions that we’ve installed them into our own building! We’ve implemented a 20Kw solar array and 3 x Sonnen 3 phase battery back-up in our showroom in Glen Huntly, Victoria. Come and see it if you’re in the area and we’ll be happy to walk you right through how it all works.

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