Elegant Smart Lighting With Philips Dynalite

The solution of choice for many of the signature architectural homes across the country, Dynalite offers that beautiful feeling of warmth and ambience to adapt any space or control of your whole home.

As a foundation to any interior design, smart switch styling comes together with total simplicity to control your illuminated space.

Constantly shortlisted on many architectural projects, the Philips Dynalite Australia system offers exceptional dimming and scene control so when you enter a space, curated lighting adaption is responsive and showcases your interior design at its best.

Dynalite excels to deliver engaging room experiences, comfort for the moment, and consolidates a comprehensive interior lighting design into simplified, minimalistic control.

But there is so much more to a Dynalite system. In one elegant smart room switch you can control blinds and curtains, heated towel rails, sweep and exhaust fans, shade awnings, outdoor electric heaters, motorised windows, and skylights. All effortlessly controllable in one intuitive switch with touch-button labelling.

Any user can enter a room, adapt the lighting, adjust the blinds, or select control for adjoining areas with ease.

With many architectural projects incorporating a mix feature lighting, coffer illumination, joinery effect lighting, curtain glow highlights, foot lighting, and decorative lamps, Dynalite’s superior scene control allows you to quickly select your favourite look when entering the room with the touch of a button. So, for tasking, dining, watching TV or desiring that sense of total relaxation, with one press you can select the level of comfort for soft and effortless room transformations.

You can benefit form smart sensors too. For short occupancy situations such as in ensuites, robes, and walkways, sensors give convenient illumination for the time of day. Even automatic low-level dimming for late at night making it easier go get back to sleep.

For whole home control, touchscreens and one smartphone app can give your full property control when at home or away.

Integrated with security, the home can look lived in automatically at night when the home is vacated or quickly enact preventative lighting instantaneously during an alarm event. And when leaving for the day, just by arming your security, the whole home turns off giving you time to leave.

Dynalite is exceptional at managing the largest property with ease, all the way through to the tallest building in the world so truly a solution you can rely upon. Being scalable, its perfect for modest size homes too.

Existing Dynalite Homes:

If you have purchased a home with existing Dynalite, you may be undertaking a renovation or require changes to your living preferences. Home Automation Melbourne helps you achieve all the conveniences you desire. From adding new circuit control, maintenance, or integration with new services we help you optimise your home for you.


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