Home Automation for Architects & Interior Designers
Smart homes, IoT (the Internet of Things), and automated contactless technology have become an indelible part of the architecture and interior design industries. If you’re an architect or interior designer looking for the latest technologies to implement into your designs, Home Automation Melbourne can provide the assistance you need. We offer state-of-the-art technology solutions for indoor and outdoor entertainment, security and much more, helping to enhance living experiences with total simplicity – all beautifully incorporated into your interior and exterior design plans. Our team of Experts will advise, design, install and deliver all the technology lifestyle services your clients are seeking and help deliver the project from start to finish.
How can Architects & Smart Home Integrators collaborate more effectively?

The relentless hype that surrounds DIY smart home devices has clouded the debate over the place of automated technology in the home, people believe that a dedicated smart home installation is unnecessary during the early stages and that everything can just be put in later, once the house is already finished – this couldn’t be more wrong. If people want a home technology system that seamlessly fits into the home with disrupting the pinnacles of smart living, luxury & functionality you must involve your smart home Integrators during the early design stages.

The team at Home Automation Melbourne are ambitious bespoke Smart Home Integrator that can offer a fresh perspective on your project, and if we’re part of the conversation in the early stages, then our knowledge and expertise can be useful in pushing the boundaries on what is possible in terms of an intelligent architecturally beautifully designed home.

Our team at Home Automation Melbourne have collaborated with hundreds of Architects & Interior designers across Victoria. To view our project gallery, click here.
Design the future of living with Home Automation Melbourne
With home automation, you can create spaces that are responsive and personalised for truly transcendent living. At Home Automation Melbourne, we can assist you in implementing a seamless home automation system that unites all home lifestyle systems into one convenient network. Our solutions for automation include security cameras, intercoms, Wi-Fi, entertainment, motorised blinds, pool and spa control, heating and cooling, and more. With the right advice from our Experts, you can deliver a home to your client that transforms the way they live.
Just a few available options for architects and interiors designers to consider include:
  • Motorised windows that can be opened and closed automatically to let fresh air in
  • Motorised blinds and skylights that allow the level of natural light to be adjusted
  • Ceiling fans that can be controlled through a whole home solution
How can we bring value and efficiency to your client?

The latest innovations in smart home automation enable you to provide your clients with an integrated system that delivers excellent value and efficiency. For example, giving homeowners the ability to automate heating and cooling and automatically turn lights off can save money on power bills. In addition to delivering value and efficiency, our home automation solutions can also enhance comfort and ambiance.

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