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Discover the Convenience of Smart Home Theatre Design in Melbourne
From a single remote, control your entertainment in any room to watch any show or movie. Choose from home theatre packages in Melbourne that allow all technology to be hidden, creating the best possible environment for entertaining.
Smart Automation for Home Theatre in Melbourne
If you’ve dreamt of being able to control all entertainment with a single remote, the home theatre specialists at Home Automation Melbourne can make your dreams a reality. We’re capable of personalising entertainment spaces in any room for convenient and intuitive control of all devices and entertainment options. We can also come up with a home theatre design in Melbourne that hides all the technology away, creating a neat and distraction-free space that’s ideal for entertaining.
Select from a Range of Home Theatre Packages in Melbourne

At Home Automation Melbourne, we make it easy to benefit from the latest home theatre technologies, allowing you to choose from a range of home theatre packages in Melbourne that give you access to countless entertainment solutions. Whether you want to design an indoor or outdoor entertainment system, our home theatre specialists can be trusted to deliver the best solution.

If you love being able to choose from thousands of movies, documentaries and TV shows on demand, we can make this happen with a fully integrated solution that incorporates entertainment, data and Wi-Fi. We also offer solutions for watching Foxtel on multiple TVs in the home.

Do you struggle to find the right remote for the right device? We can streamline your home theatre in Melbourne so you can have control of all entertainment systems from a single remote. For additional convenience, the same remote can be used to control everything from lighting and blinds through to heating and cooling.

Why Choose Our Home Theatre Specialists?

Whether you need installation of an outdoor entertainment system or indoor home theatre design in Melbourne, we can provide you with the perfect end-to-end solution. Our team is capable of choosing the best technology for your space, implementing solutions for more comfortable viewing, enabling effortless control of various systems, installing wiring, and ensuring the space complements the rest of your house.

If you’re interested in smart home theatre in Melbourne, speak with our home theatre specialists today about how we can help you create the perfect space for entertainment.


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