Your Control4 Smart Home

It’s all about experiences delivered with simplicity!

A home that is filled with adaptive lighting for relaxing, tasking and entertaining; brilliantly illuminated for early evening then soft and cosy as the night progresses.

Or blind motorisation, heated towel rail control and Alfresco outdoor heaters from any smart light switch too.

To have responsive full-home comfort control for the moment – adjust the temperature anywhere. From your heating and cooling to smart gas fireplaces with flame effect and temperature adjustment.

For TV rooms or cinema, entertain with hidden technology. Just one remote and the magic happens!

Pop-up TV or projection reveals. Browse and play content, have automated surround sound, air-conditioning control or adjust blinds and lights.

Enjoy the worlds music throughout the property. Architecturally fitted, indoors and outdoors for all occasions.

Smart Intercom! Take the call from your home touchscreens and smartphone anywhere. At home, or away. View CCTV, turn on lights, release the gates. Connected convenience!

Adaptive alarm control for safety and security, while you sleep, at home alone, or away. And when something happens, activate security deterrent, property lighting and view CCTV quickly.

Retiring to bed or leaving for the day? Simply turn all the home services off with the touch of a button.

This is just a taste. Control4 provides simplified and holistic experiences. Smart, adaptive, and convenient.

Control4 Melbourne - Personalised Smart Design

As the Pinnacle Control4 Dealer for Control 4 Melbourne, we bring the professional experience into your renovation or building project.

You benefit by securing the latest smart integration of services into your interior design, in collaboration with your architectural design team. We guarantee your smart Control4 automation design will solve the aspects of living in the home in alignment with your total vision for the project while maximising the investment you make in the vital services for the home.

Solving all aspects of being entertained, safety and security and comfort control, your personalised Control4 system creates new possibilities supporting your day to day living.

Not all Control 4 dealers have the same capability. As the Pinnacle accredited Control 4 dealer for Melbourne, no project is too demanding. We excel at delivering the most bespoke architectural homes or renovations. Through inspiring ideas and innovation, we help you uncover the full potential for your home.

Local to Melbourne is the Control4 Australia distributor for the entire Asia Pacific region. So, even if you have left it to the last moment, it’s never too late.

So take the opportunity now and secure the benefits.

We solve home automation 4 U like no other.

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