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With hundreds of smart home projects completed and an unrivalled team of skilled professionals, we help you discover and achieve the perfect suite of solutions for you.

Just one company for all aspects of safety and security, comfort control, being entertained and connected with simplicity.

Smart Home Installation Melbourne

We created our Home Automation Design & Experience Centre to assist you from the start of your enquiry through discover to completion. We help you understand the latest innovations to lead to the best smart integrated outcomes for you.

For New Constructions

Our team are behind the design and installation many of Melbourne’s iconic smart homes. Working with you directly, or as a specialty provider in collaboration with your preferred builder and architect, what we offer are holistic solutions, beautifully fitted into the overall vision for your home.

For Renovations

We bring the experience to your site to assess and advise how to best incorporate the latest innovations in an efficient way that solve the build and the liability of the home.

If you have moved into an existing home with smart features, we can help you review and implement further personalisation or any required updates to achieve a home that supports you in a more personalised way.


You don’t want someone going to school on your project!

Of the home automation installers Melbourne and Victoria, we have an exceptional team of multiskilled security, entertainment, lighting, data, electrical and controls specialists to secure for you reputable smart and holistic installation solutions. In just one company you can expect the very best executed project focused on solving your most important needs with all the benefits.

Where often the typical small home automation installer can struggle with the depth of expertise and resources, our unique team routinely handle many of the states most complex projects and multiple sites at any given time. So, you can rely on us to support all your interests drawing from vast experience.

We Offer Service Of Existing Systems Too!

If you have lost touch with your original installer or were dissatisfied with their workmanship, for smart home installation Melbourne, we provide the service support you need, and help you take advantage of new features too as they evolve, so you get the benefits.

Perhaps you found us through word of mouth or when searching for smart home installation services near me, or home automation installers near me on the web. We’re here to help!

So for unrivalled experience, you can be reassured our home automation installers will always offer their best advice and are committed to securing the best outcomes for you.

If you asked Google to find “smart home installation near me”? Home Automation Melbourne come to you!


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