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Enjoy the Benefits of a Multi Room Audio System

With a multi room sound system, you can listen to any song in any room!

Effortlessly listen to your favourite music and create a better atmosphere for your home.

Why Install a Multi Room Sound System?

If you want to rediscover the pleasure that listening to music can bring, the best way to do this is with home sound systems multi room installation. At Home Automation Melbourne, we’re capable of installing the latest multi room audio system to fill your home with music and create the most memorable living experiences. Whether you want to listen to old favourites or simply have the radio on while you’re cleaning, a multi room sound system makes it easier than ever to find and play the music you want to hear. Our systems can also be linked to music streaming services and radio, giving you endless choice.

With both indoor and outdoor zoning available, you can enhance the atmosphere of any environment in your home. We can even install shower stereo sound so you can sing along in the shower! Different zones can be linked, creating a single soundscape that follows you wherever you go. You can also opt for stylish architectural speaker systems that won’t take away from your decor.

Rooms Where a Multi Room Audio System Can be Installed
Home sound systems multi room installations are possible for the following rooms of the house:
  • Living rooms
  • Ensuites and bathrooms (through a shower stereo system)
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Dining rooms
  • Home gyms
  • Outdoor living areas
  • Lounge rooms
As the Victorian Diamond provider of Control4, you can rely on the team at Home Automation Melbourne to install the best multi room sound system for your home. Contact us or visit our showroom today to learn more about the benefits you can enjoy with a multi room audio system.


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