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Infinite Experience – Inner East Entertaining

A transformation of a character filled Edwardian home into a stylish, modern, entertaining masterpiece. The front façade implies traditional elegance but once you enter this amazing home, history and tradition transcend with breathtaking contemporary ambience, where the best in home automation adds that sense of intuitive and responsive personalisation. From stunning whole home comfort adaption through intelligent lighting control to fully personalised custom fit entertainment across three floors, every room is an experience to be enjoyed.

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A Control4 home automation design firstly consolidates the full home user experience providing intelligent lighting control for comfort adaption, in the moment, in any space. You can imagine the transformative impressions great lighting design delivers – perhaps a soft glow of comfort and accentuation of architectural features and decor – In the bath, relaxing in bed, dining or taking time out in the whimsical ambience of the avant-garde lounge & bar – adaptive control of architectural designed lighting allows you to be… to linger, to recollect and unwind. Cosy lighting accompanies you as you enjoy wine with friends by the pool- the garden landscape lighting becomes your oasis and takes your outdoor living to another place. Smart lighting allows you to create experiences and character while allowing art-piece lighting to fully express style and personality. Smart lighting speaks like a poem from a page and allows you to paint and create your own experience.

Home automation is the quiet melody where the home becomes an expression of who you are and how you like to live. Being safe and secure, being connected, being entertained. This is how a home should feel, where you re-discover something of yourself in space, light, stone and timber, music, comfort, safety and social connection.

To uncover the secrets of this home is to see the invisible. Holistic and simplified control where a world renown Control4 user control system brings together 24 discrete zones of music to personalise any space with architecturally recessed minimalism and extensive integration into garden landscaping. It delivers a total sense of safety and security over three levels with dependable smart alarm and effortless keyless entry control of secure gates and doors when coming and going. With full property CCTV combined with effective browsing control at your fingertips anywhere, it complements how you manage providing secure access control to the grounds, gives reassurance to survey any concern, helps manage the property and keeps an eye on things when away.

Innovative ‘intercom anywhere’ connects you, your guests and family. From arrivals at the secure front gate or front door to instant paging and connection of family members across three levels and expansive outdoor entertaining zones – even the tennis court, wine room, theatre or pool. Intercom anywhere is conveniently available from touchscreens and via smartphones even when away from home.

Working closely with the client and architect, Nicholas Murry, home automation helps solve the overall liveability of the home. The stunning living room is an architectural entertainment centrepiece. Central distribution of indoor and outdoor entertainment is discreetly hidden within the floating cabinet yet one simple control solution offers an uncomplicated user experience for the whole property and room. The Living Room commercial cinema quality surround sound system incorporates funky art-peace B&O speakers and joyfully complements the tear-drop suspended fire place.

The invisible surround sound speakers are incorporated into the atmospheric timber feature ceiling focussed with precision to the seating locations. The overall design expresses playful fun and a contemporary cutting edge user experience and room design. This is what good home automation is all about, working to solve the architectural ambition of the project and allowing the personality of the family to engage fully with the space with simplicity. Everything is effortless – hidden content devices and streamed services at your fingertips for fully immersive surround sound, TV and movie viewing and master quality music. It’s the pinnacle for being entertained with ease while being spoilt for choice.

Outdoor living has multi zoned music, a drop down TV from the Pool Pavilion ceiling and overhead heating. Even the pool cover control is consolidated into the overarching home controls. Creating outdoor spaces like a living room ensures the home creates new possibilities for day to day living across the year.

Then there is that liberation of being connected anywhere over the property with tailored Wi-Fi coverage over three levels and expansive gardens, pool, tennis court and outdoor entertaining pavilion.

It’s a story book of a turn-of-the-century Edwardian gem, transformed and beautifully infused with a sleek, contemporary design and smart home adaptability. With infinite possibilities for day to day living adaption, this beautiful home enhances the lived experience to new levels.

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