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Keyless Home Entry for Increased security
Keyless access for home use gives you complete control over who comes and goes. At Home Automation Melbourne, we can install a keyless home entry system that provides added convenience while also boosting your security. Choose from a range of door and gate control options that enable you to control gates and doors with a simple press of a button, the insertion of a pin or a scan of your fingerprint.
How Keyless Entry for Home Use Can Benefit You
Keyless home entry is ideal for properties that have perimeter gates as well as many external doors and entry points. With the right keyless access security system, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your keys again, allowing you to take the bins out, go for jogs or be out in the garden without stress. Keyless entry for home use can also make your gates and doors more secure by eliminating the risk of your keys being stolen.
Keyless Home Entry for Increased Security

With keyless home entry, you can easily allow access to cleaners, gardeners and other providers without needing to give them a key. Whenever you swap between service providers, you can then remove their access so there’s no risk of them gaining unauthorised entry in the future. In this way, a keyless access security system can complement your existing security and intercom solution.

To find out more about keyless home entry for your property, discuss your requirements with Home Automation Melbourne today. We can come up with a plan that includes the right level of keyless access you need. Call us now on 1300 887 393 or drop into our Experience Centre to discover our solutions in person.


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