Smart Home Automation for Assisted Living

Smart home technical solutions can now help transform the lived environment to deliver greater independence for people living at home with disabilities, chronic illness or for those who wish to live more independently in their older age. As smart home technologies have become more affordable, and by their nature are purposed designed to add simplicity in controlling all the home services we routinely rely upon, home automation solutions can provide meaningful advantages.

This blog post contains further information about automation for assisted living and the numerous benefits it provides.

Technical solutions under the NDIS scheme

The NDIS scheme is by no means perfect but there is scope for people living with disabilities to apply for NDIS funding for the implementation of home automation solutions to assist them. Typically, this will need the support of an application through an Occupational Therapist to the NDIS on the client’s behalf. The Occupational Therapist can best help articulate to the NDIS in medical terms how any proposed home automation technical solution will provide a fundable solution to the client under the NDIS guidelines. The Home Automation Designer in collaboration with the client and Occupational Therapist can assess which home automation technical solutions will meet the functional needs and provide the installed solution or part of a solution with other specialist trades. With the availability now of NDIS funding, clients have more options available to them to live more independently.

Whole Home Or Whole Room Control

Home automation is all about integrating solutions so that can work together in one user interface. The user control could be a wireless tablet or a combination of touchscreen control and fixed wall controls all working together to provide a more supportive functional environment.

An example may be a perhaps a person with mobility issues is confined to one part of the home. One single Home Automation control solution could give the client full room control from heating and cooling, lighting, motorised blinds and shades, TV, intercom, remote calling to carer smartphones and the ability to remotely release of pedestrian gates and home entry doors.

It’s all about identifying the needs and investigating which home automation solutions can best solve living in a specific environment supportive to the level of disability.

Smart Assisted Living Property Developments

Our population is rapidly aging. Property Developers are finding more people are looking to medium density property developments as their choice for their last home to purchase as they are easier to maintain and generally have good access such as lifts. If designed for assisted living technologies at construction, these can be highly affordable to fit out with assistive technologies or at a minimum be smart wired to allow adaption when the need arises. It could be as simple as secure keyless entry for care giver access through to a suite of home services all controlled by one remote or tablet. Lighting, heating, cooling, security, intercom and smart remote controls.

Home automation can be the property backbone to independence and a complementary technology to specific medical aids to provide a more flexible living environment that supports independence and provides more assurance.

More Independent Living

You can’t put a price on the feeling of being independent.

Home Automation can help solve the ergonomics of the home and give people living with disabilities and age-related conditions more choice in where and how they wish to live. Remotely answering and controlling the door, managing the climate, having better communications, more simplicity for moving through the property, having home controls at your fingertips – beside the bed or wirelessly can make a huge difference for many people and can reduce outsourced carer costs over the long term.

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