Smart Home Automation for Assisted Living

As we near the third decade of the 21st century, the need to become more energy efficient in our day-to-day lives couldn’t be more important. Not only are there the obvious environmental factors to consider, but the rising costs of home heating, cooling, lighting and water are forcing rate payers to look for a cheaper, more energy efficient alternative. Becoming an energy efficient home is not about working harder; it’s about becoming smarter, and automating the electrics and essential services of your home is far and wide the smart option. Here are some of the key benefits to becoming a smart home, and why automation is so pertinent to creating an energy efficient home.

Automating Your Home Gives You Control

Home automation gives you the ability to control the lights, irrigation water and the temperature of your home from anywhere within the world. Whether you’re on the train to work and just remembered you’ve forgotten to switch off the lights, or you’ve just gotten into bed and don’t want to walk back to the living room to switch off the energy thirsty air conditioner, when your home is automated you can turn things on and off with just the press of a button on your smartphone. You can also program these services to switch on and off automatically at pre-set times so you know they’ll be on only when they need to be. Once everyone has gone to bed or left the house for the day after arming the alarm, they’ll be automatically switched off.

Home Automation Does the Work for You

We’re only human, and every now and then we forget to switch off costly air-conditioning, bathroom exhaust fans, lights across multiple levels of the home and even the TV entertainment system when we leave our home. The great thing about home automation is that it knows when the home is unoccupied and when things should not be running and reduce your energy consumption. And when you’re home, smart motion sensors provide more savings by monitoring spaces that usually have short duration occupancy for more nuanced energy efficiency particularly with lighting, bathroom fans and heat lamps.

Save Money with Home Automation

Heating and cooling is your biggest energy consuming service in the home. Home Automation gives you more tools to achieve long term savings across the life of the home with more nuanced control of your zones and automatic whole-home shutdown when you leave for the day. Combined with motorised blind control automation, you can achieve more ongoing savings by minimising rooms heating up unnecessarily in summer and providing more of a barrier with cold glass in winter saving reheating costs. Control of motorised windows and sweep fans can allow you to circulate air when the outside air cools after a hot day as an alternative to using costly air conditioning when nature can help you. Full control of your garden irrigation in the palm of your hand when at home or away allows you to monitor and optimise your watering schedules appropriate to the weather and rain events. It pays to have smarter tools to optimise your water consumption.

How many lighting circuits does your home have? Home automation gives you full control of your whole home lighting and with the simplicity of one-touch economy modes, you can quickly turn off all the lights in the home back to the small footprint of your living room where you spend most of your evenings. So when your kids leave the whole home looking like a Christmas tree each night, home automation gives you the control you need for smarter savings and with all the extra benefits of comfort adaption.

For the energy conscious, home automation can provide monitoring tools to help you review and improve your energy consumption. It also helps you extend the life of your light fittings and systems by reducing overall running hours. This is a big saving you don’t hear about but a significant extra benefit home automation provides. With good design, your home can secure day to day and long-term savings.

There’s never been a better time than now to get on board with home automation. By working smarter instead of harder, you barely have to work at all in order to become a more energy efficient home and reduce your cost of living. Find out more with Home Automation Melbourne today.


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