How Home Automation Can Increase the Value of Your House

If you’re looking for ways to increase the value of your house, investing in home automation systems and technologies can make a big difference. Smart security systems, automated window shades and intelligent lighting or temperature controls can make your house much more appealing and exciting to potential buyers. This blog post contains more information about how the most popular home automation systems can increase the value of your residential property.

Smart Security Systems

Feeling safe and secure is an extremely important factor for any prospective home buyer. A house that features electronic door locks, surveillance cameras and motion sensors wards off burglars and troublemakers, giving occupants the peace of mind they deserve. You can also install video intercoms that deliver a visual to an app on your phone, allowing you to see and speak to visitors before opening the doorat home or when away.

Intelligent Lighting and Temperature

Homes that are energy efficient appeal to prospective buyers for multiple reasons. Not only do they lower the cost of energy bills, but they also reduce emissions that harm the environment. Intelligent lighting and temperature systems can greatly enhance the energy efficiency of your home. Lights can be programmed to turn on and off at set times or when specific rooms are occupied. Meanwhile, smart thermostats that integrate with local weather forecasts can maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Imagine if your energy thirsty, whole home HVAC and lighting turns off when you leave just because you armed the security system! All of these features and more help to reduce unnecessary energy consumption and appeal to potential buyers.

Automated Window Shades

Automated window shades are extremely popular, reducing glare and exposure to UV rays as well as preventing sun damage to furniture. They also make opening and closing blinds much simpler and more convenient with the push of a button. Automated window shades can respond to changing weather and lighting changes, automatically opening or closing based on outdoor conditions. Various styles are available toenhance rather than detract from the surrounding aesthetics.

Smart Integration

Many home owners choose to have a combination of security, entertainment, heating and cooling, property Wi-Fi and intercom as a common feature of many contemporary homes. But they fail to integrate them into one user interface for the property. They make selections in isolation of each other. What value can you put on simplicity and convenience. By making better choices you can have all your home services work together to deliver more benefits – welcome home lighting into the property when you arrive in the dark, a simple way to centrally manage and adapt any lighting over the entire property, heating and cooling that you can activate before you get home, control your blinds and lights from each room light switch, intercom anywhere when at home or away – even from your smart phone. Just one control solution for everything, even your music and hide away entertainment devices. Compared to having lots of separate remotes, controls and complexity, you wonder why some people are still building and renovating the old way. Be smart and integrate!

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