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Commercial Video Distribution

Display your content in any space with ease. Our video distribution solutions can benefit bars, restaurants, corporate offices and other environments.

Video Distribution for Entertainment, Presentations & More

Display any content in any space with the help of Home Automation Melbourne’s innovative video distribution systems. Suitable for bars, restaurants, corporate foyers, retail environments, presentations and more, we can provide you with a video system that can enhance entertainment while also strengthening your brand messaging and awareness.

Whether you want to install video intercom systems in Melbourne or you need a solution for accessing and distributing video content without any fuss, you can rely on Home Automation Melbourne to deliver the most suitable option for your building.

How Our Systems Can Help You

At Home Automation Melbourne, we pride ourselves on helping businesses to create improved collaboration and presentation spaces, complete with full computing and video displays. We can also include touchscreen controls, ensuring any room is easy to use.

When combined with our audio systems, you can benefit from a video distribution and connectivity solution that will perfectly suit your specific environment. We have access to the latest audio and video solutions and can install an option that works across multiple rooms while remaining simple to use.

For hotels, clubs and bars, video distribution is essential for creating different entertainment spaces. Whether you want to show live sports, news or advertising, we can deliver solutions that allow you to show your desired content on any screen. To learn more about our available solutions, visit our Malvern East Experience Centre today.

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