Lighting Control Systems

Commercial Lighting Control Systems

Install lighting control systems for greater control over the look and feel of your premises. Improve energy efficiency and transform your environment into a more functional one.

Take Control of Your Lighting

Home Automation Melbourne can assist you in creating the right look and feel for your commercial premises with lighting control systems that work seamlessly. Choose from C-Bus lighting control, Legrand lighting control, Dynalite lighting control, Control4 lighting control and other options that are capable of managing your entire building for improved energy efficiency. Our fully adaptable lighting systems enable you to create engaging spaces for customers and clients that can be tailored depending on the time of day. Our experts can also install a motion sensor lighting system to further improve energy efficiency, in addition to deterring crime and boosting security.

Why Install Smart Lighting Control Systems?

These days, lighting is the finishing touch that’s needed to complete the look and feel of a commercial space. If you want to stand out from your competition, it’s crucial to invest in a quality lighting control system that allows you to make any space captivating. Whether you need lighting for a restaurant, retail space, bar, showroom or office, Home Automation Melbourne can help you install a system that’s fully adaptive, with scene control for seamless transitions.

Another reason to install lighting control systems is the impact on energy efficiency. Whether you opt for KNX lighting control, Control4 lighting control or another reputable lighting automation brand, you can have your lights automatically turn off when they’re not needed or if there’s no one in the room. Smart sensors and dimmers can also adjust the level of light if natural light is present, helping to save on energy costs. In addition to saving money, these measures also help to prolong the life of light fittings, minimising unnecessary operation and reducing the frequency of replacement.

Discuss Your Lighting Requirements Today

From C-Bus lighting and Control4 lighting control through to Philips Dynalite lighting control, KNX lighting control and other lighting control systems, Home Automation Melbourne can provide you with the technology you need to take your commercial lighting to the next level. We know lighting control, and we can even integrate it with other systems such as security, motorised blinds and AV systems for a comprehensive automation solution. Discuss your lighting requirements with our team today to get started.

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