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Commercial HVAC Controller for Heating and Cooling

Enjoy smarter heating and cooling control for ultimate convenience.

Better manage your heating and cooling costs and improve your energy efficiency.

Enjoy Convenient Control with a HVAC Controller

If you’re looking to make the heating and cooling of your commercial premises more convenient and energy efficient, a HVAC controller from Home Automation Melbourne could be just what you need. In most workplaces, heating and cooling zones can be adjusted by staff, leading to management having little control over the system’s usage. At Home Automation Melbourne, we’re capable of installing a clever HVAC controller that enables you to have more control over the heating and cooling of your business.

How a HVAC Controller Can Save You Money

Many people don’t realise that for every degree a heating or cooling system is adjusted, energy consumption rises by 10%. It’s therefore no surprise that in commercial buildings where staff can control the thermostat, heating and cooling is the largest contributor to energy bills. With a smart HVAC controller, management can take back control and start saving more on heating and cooling costs.

Home Automation Melbourne can set you up with the latest building automation solutions, complete with a HVAC controller touchscreen that enables central control of heating and cooling by management only. In addition to HVAC controls, the touchscreen can feature other controls such as motorised blinds, audio and visual systems, lighting, and even security. Our team can also assist with smart integration, meaning you can set your heating and cooling to turn off automatically when your alarm system is armed.

To learn more about the benefits of installing a HVAC controller for your business, contact the experts at Home Automation Melbourne today.

Residential Heating and Cooling

Smarter, more convenient heating and cooling control.

Manage your home more effortlessly with greater choice in heating and cooling control. Enjoy more intuitive control locally or centrally manage all your rooms with touchscreen, smartphone and TV menu control. Even remotely activate your heating and cooling before you get home.

  • Better comfort
  • More convenient
  • Whole home
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