Commercial Intercom Systems

Commercial Intercom Solutions

Improve security and access control with a commercial intercom system.

With our smart video intercom installation, it’s easier than ever to grant property access.

Video Intercom Installation for Commercial Premises

When integrated with communication and access control, a commercial intercom system can greatly increase the level of security of your premises. At Home Automation Melbourne, we have no shortage of the latest intercom solutions available to choose from, including multi room intercom systems and video intercoms. Speak with us today to find out how an intercom system can save you time and provide peace of mind when it comes to property access.

Improve Security

The installation of a video intercom is recommended when your premises require a high level of security. If your business must prevent unauthorised access at all costs, we can provide video intercom installation for an integrated intercom system with built-in access control functionality. Whether you need a gate and entry access solution or a multi room intercom solution, we can install a system that meets your requirements. We can also provide simple touchscreen controls and additional cameras to make monitoring the access of your premises as seamless as possible.

Discover Our Tailored Intercom Solutions Today

At Home Automation Melbourne, we know that all properties are different and therefore require different things from their intercom system. As the Diamond Control4 provider in Victoria, we’re able to recommend the most suitable solutions that will meet your operational needs while ensuring easy access for guests and clients. To learn more about our tailored intercom solutions, get in touch with our team today.

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