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Commercial Audio System Solutions

Provide a better first impression with the right music.

Suitable options for retail spaces, waiting areas, showrooms, health providers and more.

Create Engaging Spaces with a Commercial Audio System

At Home Automation Melbourne, we pride ourselves on being the Diamond provider of Control4 in Victoria. This means we’re capable of installing a superior commercial audio system that makes use of the latest technologies and delivers a range of benefits for your business. Our state-of-the-art audio solutions can help to create more engaging spaces for restaurants, waiting areas, showrooms, medical centres, aged care facilities and many more.

Clever Audio Solutions for Clever Businesses

When you walk into a business for the first time, how do you feel if the space is completely silent? Clever businesses have picked up on the fact that music can have a significant impact on the engagement levels of their clients. Here’s how different businesses can benefit from the right commercial audio system:

  • Hospitality venues – Music can be used to complement food, wine and decor for a superior dining experience. If you want to attract customers and keep them coming back, access to music streaming and zone volume can help greatly with this.
  • Foyers and corporate spaces – For corporate spaces, a music system can help visitors and staff alike to feel more comfortable and engaged. You can also choose to install a commercial audio system that integrates with projectors and microphones for seamless presentations.
  • Showrooms and retail – Commercial audio systems can benefit retail spaces by helping customers to feel relaxed, positive and more likely to fully engage with your business.
  • Health care – Create more relaxing spaces that set your health care facility apart. We have suitable options for GP clinics, aged care and more.

Enquire About a Commercial Audio System Today

Home Automation Melbourne is a leader when it comes to helping businesses establish more engaging environments. If you’d like to learn how a custom designed and fitted commercial audio system could elevate your space, drop into our Malvern East Experience Centre by appointment or call our team on 1300 887 397.

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