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The smart apartment is just the norm these days. People are moving into apartments or penthouses and expect the same level of integration there currently have had in there homes. They have had multiroom audio throughout the home so there expectation is that they still enjoy listening to music so that solution is still a requirement for them. With glass throughout these appartments there is an expectation that motorised blinds and curtains are built into there new home too.


With the one screen solution for these apartments, now why would you do anything else. The Control 4 Intercom solution is a holistic approach to this new market incorporating the

front entry into the apartments, internal touch screen to unlock the entrance door. With existing solutions around the world from 12 – 2,000 apartments theres nothing that hasn’t been done. Once in the apartment the same screen can control, Lighting, Blinds, Audio, Tv’s etc. Voice control is also the latest fad with control of all of these devices via Alexa or Google and many more.


We have developed a solution for these markets based from the entry level 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments to the bespoke Penthouse solutions.

The intercom is the integral part of this solution and the automation is the add on. With just the one screen is the smaller apartments, its easy to add some lighting and blind control to the home. Book an appointment and let us show you how this can work.


With one of two service providers in Australia for Control 4 for the Hospitality market, we have the experience and in-house design to be able to deliver these solutions. People have an expectation that there experience in there hotel will be exceptional and they will experience a relaxing time when away. The experience from entering the room, with the temperature set, music on and the lighting set to a relaxing mood, the whole hotel experience is the WOW that they were expecting.

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